Welcome to my world!


UPDATE: Check out my newly completed 10KW Solar Array!
AND…FOCUS IQ+ is now available!

I know, I know… Those of you that know me, know I have some issues. I always have to have an active project, in fact, I usually have several at one time. My interests / projects span from gadgetry or techno-lust, home automation,  electronics, R/C helicopters/cars/planes to building a tikki hut, pool house, beach sand around the pool, renting excavators and backhoes, digging holes with my tractor to gardening, building a barn, chickens, goats…the list goes on and on… My poor wife!!!

I figured it’s time to start sharing these projects and ideas and see if there is anything useful for someone else to use, or maybe I can get some ideas from others. Another possibility is to open source some of these into community based projects for others to build on top of or extend.

In any case, stop by and visit.. see what I’m up to or ignore it all completely – either way it’s here…

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