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Ok, well I have a lot of updates for you!
First, I have been continuering to mine with GPU’s and took the earnings and reinvested into more GPUs. I am currently at 55 GPUs across 8 Rigs. I earn ~$140 per day now mostly mining ethereum.
I recently added 2 Antminer D3’s and 2 Antminer L3+ all together with the GPU’s I am around ~$220 per day now.
So, since this has been going well and with the price of BTC and all crypto’s going to the moon and am now making a big leap! Today my 40’x8′ shipping container arrived!!! This will be my new mining farm with 2 – 200 Amp panels ALL for mining!

7 Antminer s9’s are on the way 5 in the next week or 2 then 2 more in February.

I’ll upload picture of the build process etc soon!


Visit Learn2Mine.com

Home mining is back with ETH / Ethereum -> Currently mining Ethereum ETH
img_2441Ethos 136.9 @ 869 watts at wall 5 480’s 1 470
Win10 162.6 @ 888 watts at wall 5 480’s 1 470
Win10 165.7 @ 982 watts at wall 6 480’s

Earning between $22-$28 per day… ~$150 profit per week

How it started in 2012…. in 2014 I hit a peak of ~$3,800 per week for a 6 week tie period… Today 5/2015 it’s back down to ~$250 per week — A lot of lessons were learned! Visit Learn2Mine.com for my learnings as it ramped up and then crumbled back down…


Below were the fun / learning days when mining at home still made sense…


660 MH/s of Scrypt mining
3.3 TH/s of SHA 256 mining
Generating ~$110 per day – Reinvesting 100% till I achieve $1000 per week. At that point I’ll do 50% reinvestment


How it all started!!!

IMG_9254 IMG_9249 Bitcoin Miner - test rig with RaspberryPi! image

Bitcoin Miner - test rig with RaspberryPi!





I am now averaging at a total of 66.21 G/Hash!!!
Total investment to date is $2001.11

Now earning $39.61/day or  $12,060.54/year — blowing away my original $10/day goal! ….and yes, my $12k/year includes increasing difficulty, hardware and cloud hashing investments and is using a bitcoin value of $800 USD… Bitcoin has been as high as $1,500 and as low as $123 in this timeframe… Average price has been right around $800.

Raspberry Pi mining rig is now at 14.3 /GHash
Mac Mini (it’s always on anyway to run my house) 4.4 /GHash
Cloud Based Hashing 47.51 /GHash
Total Hashing Power 66.21 /GHash

1 Year Snapshot @ 60/GHash
Earnings ฿ $
Hourly  0.00 ฿  $1.65
Daily  0.05 ฿  $39.61
Weekly  0.35 ฿  $277.25
Monthly  1.49 ฿  $1,188.21
Annual  18.07 ฿  $14,456.62
Mining cost/Electricity (Solar)  $-
Net hourly profit  $1.65 $/h
Net daily profit  $39.61 $/day
Net weekly profit  $277.25 $/week
Net monthly profit  $1,188.21 $/month
Net Annual profit  $14,456.62 $/year
Break even after 50.5 days
Total generated in Investment Period  17.58 ฿ $14,060.54
Net profit in Investment Period $12,060.54

Original Setup…

My first Bitcoin Miner! RaspberryPi with USB ASIC block erupters, D-Link DUB-7H hub, Adafruit RGB LCD shield USB Fan (the erupters run Hot!)…


I have 12 of them running at right around 4 Ghash via CGMiner on the RaspberryPi Ver. B.

I have USB Wifi in the PI and and in the other port I connected the first hub. I then daisy changed the 2nd hub via the first filled the slots with USB Errupters and one USB Fan to keep things cool.

I’ll let it run a few days and post some stats on Bitcoin generation and the USD if the bitcoins were converted.

I also have a 2nd bitcoin experiment running using a cloud based hashing farm… They had over a month delay in getting things setup, but it will be fun to compare. I am also running 4 Ghash there as well.

If my experiments go as planned I will add more hashing power if it makes financial sense. I am hoping to see $10 a day when/if fully up and running.

Shopping List

QTY Required Items Price(USD)*
1 Raspberry PI Rev. B $35.00
1 Micro USB cable $5.49
12 ASICMiner Erupter USB 330MH/s Sapphire Bitcoin Miner $14-$19
2 D-Link Hi-Speed USB 2.0 7-Port Powered Hub (DUB-H7) You need at least a 3Amp power supply! $25.00
1 SD Card (class 10 and 4gb minimum) $5.49
Optional Items
1 USB wall charger to power RaspberryPi $5.95
1 USB Fan (The mining devices run hot) $7.99
1 RaspberryPi RGB LCD Shield $29.99

*The Pi alone can not power one of these miners, a Powered USB HUB is mandatory to mine bitcoin.




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