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7/31/2018 Update

Woke up at 4:30am (again)
Added more ASICs

Antminer Z9 mini
Innosilicon A9 ZMaster
Innosilicon S11
Innosilicon D9
Bailkal BK-X
Sold all my L3+’s, 5 S9’s, D3’s = After selling them = every single miner accept my B3 and A3 ROI’d, some 10x

Ordered iBeLink DSM7T 7gh/s DCR Miner

Ordered a bunch of FPGAs for the next round of evolution in the mining space. Ordered 10 Acorn 215+ and 2 BCU1525’s – supposed to arrive in august.

5/2018 Update!

Woke up at 4:30am for some reason so I decided to update the blog… As you will see below, there has been some important and fruitful updates in April and May.
I have turned off the Antminer D3’s – they never did ROI 🙁
I have added the following since the last update:
2 DragonMint B29 (DCR) – Phase 2
1 DragonMint B52 (SIA)- Phase 2
1 Antminer B3 (Bytom)- Phase 2
5 DragonMint T1 (Sha256)- Phase 2 (should be here within a week)
2 Innosilicon D9 (DCR) – Phase 2
and at a total of 61 GPU Cards – Phase 2
*so far, I have only had 1 GPU card die! That is pretty amazing!

I would say I am in phase 1.8 and earnings are around $570 per day consuming 117 Amps or ~$3500 of electricity per month. Phase II which is almost complete, will land me at $700-$900 per day at ~$3300 for electricity. Why the lower Amperage draw and lower electric bill? Shop around and monitor profitability of each miner! –  be sure to shop around for supplier electric rates. I am saving $1,500 per month by being at a rate that is FAR less than Eversource’s supplier charge. I have also turned off a couple unprofitable miners and tuned my setup to balance hash rate to power consumption ratio.

So where are we currently heading? If this trend continues I will add 5-10 more ASICs and 21 Additional GPUs as I enter into Phase 2.5. By Sept of this year I plan to be at $1000+ per day with around the same electricity consumption rate. This will be achieved by further tuning and continuing to power off less profitable miners and investing in more profitable ones.

Chances are good, that by selling my older gear on eBay I will earn 50%-100% of my original cost for the gear!!! That will certainly CRUSH all of my ROI expectations since I do not calculate sales of old gear in any of my ROI targets. At that point I will decide if those $ go into more gear or purchasing of more BTC.

Time to go back to bed.

3/20/2017 The Mining Farm is Fully up and running with Phase I of III complete!!!








Phase I as of 3/20/2018

40′ shipping container has 400 amps of service and can easily hold 60-80 ASICS and 80-100 GPUs without any issue. Beyond that, I think 400Amps will be an issue. Nearly every quad outlet in the mining farm is 230v with 10 gauge or 12 guage wire depending if i have it terminated into a 30amp or 20am breaker. The container is fully insulated and has a cold room 5′ wide by 30′ and a hot room that is just under 3′ wide and 30′ long. There is a 10’x8′ office area that I use to build rigs and play the LCD display and keyboard/mouse with a 50′ HDMI, USB Keyboard and Mouse cables. Currently I have the following:

7 Antminer S9
2 Antminer D3
5 Antminer L3+
1 Antminer A3 (SIA)
There are 59 GPU Cards.

I have been moving the GPU’s into Server cases so they are easier to mount and manage. Each case can hold 8 GPUs plus motherboard and PSU etc. However, I found 7 GPUs to be a straight forward simple and stable build. So what’s it earning today with the low prices..
Right now earnings are around $250 per day consuming 125 Amps or ~$4000 of electricity. Phase II which starts next week and through the end of April should have the income at ~$600-~$700 per day at ~$5000 for electricity. Phase 3? Too early to say… This income with cloud mining has been pretty solid and consistent! IF we head back toward the high crypto prices of 12/2017, this same setup would be generating ~$500 per day.

Well time for bed. Let’s see how this goes!


Ok, well I have a lot of updates for you!
First, I have been continuing to mine with GPU’s and took the earnings and reinvested into more GPUs. I am currently at 55 GPUs across 8 Rigs. I earn ~$140 per day now mostly mining ethereum.
I recently added 2 Antminer D3’s and 2 Antminer L3+ all together with the GPU’s I am around ~$220 per day now.
So, since this has been going well and with the price of BTC and all crypto’s going to the moon and am now making a big leap! Today my 40’x8′ shipping container arrived!!! This will be my new mining farm with 2 – 200 Amp panels ALL for mining!

7 Antminer s9’s are on the way 5 in the next week or 2 then 2 more in February.

I’ll upload picture of the build process etc soon!


Visit Learn2Mine.com

Home mining is back with ETH / Ethereum -> Currently mining Ethereum ETH
img_2441Ethos 136.9 @ 869 watts at wall 5 480’s 1 470
Win10 162.6 @ 888 watts at wall 5 480’s 1 470
Win10 165.7 @ 982 watts at wall 6 480’s

Earning between $22-$28 per day… ~$150 profit per week

How it started in 2012…. in 2014 I hit a peak of ~$3,800 per week for a 6 week tie period… Today 5/2015 it’s back down to ~$250 per week — A lot of lessons were learned! Visit Learn2Mine.com for my learnings as it ramped up and then crumbled back down…

IF I ONLY KEPT ALL THE BTC, LTC and ETH from these early days…


Below were the fun / learning days when mining at home was in its prime – May 2013 if I remember right is when the Block Erruptors entered the scene….

660 MH/s of Scrypt mining
3.3 TH/s of SHA 256 mining
Generating ~$110 per day – Reinvesting 100% till I achieve $1000 per week. At that point I’ll do 50% reinvestment


How it all started!!!

IMG_9254 IMG_9249 Bitcoin Miner - test rig with RaspberryPi! image

Bitcoin Miner - test rig with RaspberryPi!





I am now averaging at a total of 66.21 G/Hash!!!
Total investment to date is $2001.11

Now earning $39.61/day or  $12,060.54/year — blowing away my original $10/day goal! ….and yes, my $12k/year includes increasing difficulty, hardware and cloud hashing investments and is using a bitcoin value of $800 USD… Bitcoin has been as high as $1,500 and as low as $123 in this timeframe… Average price has been right around $800.

Raspberry Pi mining rig is now at 14.3 /GHash
Mac Mini (it’s always on anyway to run my house) 4.4 /GHash
Cloud Based Hashing 47.51 /GHash
Total Hashing Power 66.21 /GHash

1 Year Snapshot @ 60/GHash
Earnings ฿ $
Hourly  0.00 ฿  $1.65
Daily  0.05 ฿  $39.61
Weekly  0.35 ฿  $277.25
Monthly  1.49 ฿  $1,188.21
Annual  18.07 ฿  $14,456.62
Mining cost/Electricity (Solar)  $-
Net hourly profit  $1.65 $/h
Net daily profit  $39.61 $/day
Net weekly profit  $277.25 $/week
Net monthly profit  $1,188.21 $/month
Net Annual profit  $14,456.62 $/year
Break even after 50.5 days
Total generated in Investment Period  17.58 ฿ $14,060.54
Net profit in Investment Period $12,060.54

Original Setup…

My first Bitcoin Miner! RaspberryPi with USB ASIC block erupters, D-Link DUB-7H hub, Adafruit RGB LCD shield USB Fan (the erupters run Hot!)…


I have 12 of them running at right around 4 Ghash via CGMiner on the RaspberryPi Ver. B.

I have USB Wifi in the PI and and in the other port I connected the first hub. I then daisy changed the 2nd hub via the first filled the slots with USB Errupters and one USB Fan to keep things cool.

I’ll let it run a few days and post some stats on Bitcoin generation and the USD if the bitcoins were converted.

I also have a 2nd bitcoin experiment running using a cloud based hashing farm… They had over a month delay in getting things setup, but it will be fun to compare. I am also running 4 Ghash there as well.

If my experiments go as planned I will add more hashing power if it makes financial sense. I am hoping to see $10 a day when/if fully up and running.

Shopping List

QTY Required Items Price(USD)*
1 Raspberry PI Rev. B $35.00
1 Micro USB cable $5.49
12 ASICMiner Erupter USB 330MH/s Sapphire Bitcoin Miner $14-$19
2 D-Link Hi-Speed USB 2.0 7-Port Powered Hub (DUB-H7) You need at least a 3Amp power supply! $25.00
1 SD Card (class 10 and 4gb minimum) $5.49
Optional Items
1 USB wall charger to power RaspberryPi $5.95
1 USB Fan (The mining devices run hot) $7.99
1 RaspberryPi RGB LCD Shield $29.99

*The Pi alone can not power one of these miners, a Powered USB HUB is mandatory to mine bitcoin.




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