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Ground Assault 1

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The goal is to eventually build a 4 or 6 wheel drive UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) that can optionally carry one human. The UGV will be fully autonamous and eventually work on combined missions with Sentinel 1. GA1 (Ground Assault 1) will also get an arm over time that can hold/pickup anything and complete fully autonomous missions using it’s arm… Octabar missions anyone?

To start with, GA1 will be built on top of a 1/8th scale RC Electric Truck platform, HobbyKings Basher Nitro Circus truck. For electronics I will be using a PixHawk from 3D Robotics and a Turnigy 9x Receiver modified with 9xER firmware. We will mount a GoPro for full FPV and video capture. Video will stream back using the range video 1.3ghz 800ma transmitter.
I will also add some LED bright white lights for night time missions. Of course it will have dual sonar for obstacle avoidance and be abel to find the best way (to the right or left) around an obstacle.

All the stuff is on order(some parts backordered), so hopefully the build will begin this weekend (1/25/14)…

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