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What is it? It will hopefully be a solar powered, organic, hydroponic, fully automated green house! I like to call it the REAL Green House! Oh, and did I mention it will be Arduino powered?


On a side note: This has become a much more complicated and comprehensive system then I originally expected — but that’s what made it fun!

GreenHouse has been built
4” Drainage pipes drilled with 3” holes and fitted with 3” Netted Pots completed
Table built from 2×4’s to fit 4 pipes with a 2” slope has been built
My first two attempts starting multiple plants from seed = EPIC FAIL!!! – trying again in 1-2 weeks
Water & Air Temperature sensors and code tested and completed
Humidity sensor and code has been completed
Light sensor and code has been completed
Moisture Sensor and code completed (for use while in SEED mode only)
PH probe and code is in progress
EC/TDS/PPM probe and code is in progress
Electronics and code for solenoids and relays to control PH up/down, Water pump, Air pump, LED Grow lights, and Fans has all been lifted from Octabar!

Greenhouse construction has begun!
I raised the ground about 8” in the area of the greenhouse to be sure things stay dry. I then buried 4×4 post in the ground at the same size as the metal powder coated framing to place the frame upon. I filled it all with about 6-8” of 3/4” crushed stone to again, keep things dry. I do not want uncontrolled elements in my greenhouse and I felt a wet floor would be very problematic for moss, mold etc.
The greenhouse went up in about 8 hours without any problems.
The wind blow a panel out on two occasions so I added additional clips to secure them better.
A Hurricane is on the way this weekend so I will likely pull the walls off since there are not yet plants in there and I don’t yet have the confidence that is can make it through 100mph winds….

Many months later.. It took a while (i kept distracting myself) but I finally got it all working, and working pretty well. The system is fully automated and just works! I have also learned that the level of tweaking and monitoring I have been doing was a huge over kill! I ran a control group buy having a row of plants with nothing but timer based controls. Meaning lights on for 12 hours a day, nutrients & PH added weekly instead of perfect at every moment etc… There was no noticeable difference in the scale of production.

Going forward I will change the system to be more of a data logger than an active system. Lighting, temperature and humidity will still be automated but no PH & Nutrients… And keeping PH and Nutrient probes that I built clean and working was another hassle – if i was still going to do that, I would have the probes lift out of the water and only go in for a minute during testing and that that 2 times day. Otherwise you get build up on the probes and their calibration gets way off!


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