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10kw Solar Array

10kw DC Solar Array – 9kw AC


View Sarah’s LIVE Solar Production, historical production and environmental impact facts!

All inspections complete — Passed inspections today! 12/17/12!!!
CL&P inspection & approval completed! Pretty quick turnaround and everyone was nice and easy to work with!

New Records!
9.0kw peak production
68.3khw total energy for the day!!!

I also, figure out how to read the CL&P net meter!

  • ID 4 equals the total amount of energy in kWh¬†CL&P has supplied to you
  • ID 10 equals the total amount of energy in kWh you have supplied to CL&P

List of materials:

  • 40 ET-Solar 250w panels
  • 40 Enphase m215 Micro-Inverters
  • Envoy monitor
  • Landscape layout 4 rows with 10 panels each (54′ long)
  • 31 degrees, 180 degrees (True South)
  • Breaker box with 4 double pole 15amp breaker
  • 2-2-2-4 Aluminum Wire 98′ from Array to house
  • Fusible 60amp Safety Switch
  • Tied into 200amp Panel via 60amp breaker

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