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Castle Tower / Lookout

UPDATED at the end:
Contemplating a new project… A castle tower or lookout tower like a fire tower with lookout platform on the top. Inside would be a spiral staircase or a ladder. It would be made out of stone or wood, if stein, it will need to be on 9950313-oude-kanonnen-in-de-voorkant-van-kasteeltorentop of a concrete slab… It will be between 30′-50′ in height and no more than 10′ in diameter/square.. Well, this is a big one with no purpose but to have a cool lookout tower and star gazing location… If I do this one, it will not start until the fall and will likely be a multiyear project.



This is likely on hold for 2 reasons… A) The farm is taking a LOT more of our time – keeps growing B) My son wants a Tiny Home on our property and I think he won’t be too happy if I build the tower before I build him a Tiny Home… Hey maybe it will be the start of the Ewok Village I always wanted!



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