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Castle Tower / Lookout

Update: 6/2018
Done – 16′ “Tower” Ended up making a tri-floor tower. With integrated bench swing, slide and 2 tiered 16’x9′ decks with a ramp for the dogs to run up and go down the slide. Added solar lights for night time… Far from the castle, but still very cool and great for eliminating coyotes!






Update: 5/2018
Finally doing a version of this project. Decided to build a 16′ tall lookout tower out of wood and trex. It has two levels and bench swing that hangs off of the side. That is far from the original thoughts but at least it was something I could get done in a weeks time.i’ll upload some pictures soon.

UPDATED at the end:
Contemplating a new project… A castle tower or lookout tower like a fire tower with lookout platform on the top. Inside would be a spiral staircase or a ladder. It would be made out of stone or wood, if stein, it will need to be on 9950313-oude-kanonnen-in-de-voorkant-van-kasteeltorentop of a concrete slab… It will be between 30′-50′ in height and no more than 10′ in diameter/square.. Well, this is a big one with no purpose but to have a cool lookout tower and star gazing location… If I do this one, it will not start until the fall and will likely be a multiyear project.



This is likely on hold for 2 reasons… A) The farm is taking a LOT more of our time – keeps growing B) My son wants a Tiny Home on our property and I think he won’t be too happy if I build the tower before I build him a Tiny Home… Hey maybe it will be the start of the Ewok Village I always wanted!



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